Chef Wells has been cooking professionally since he was fifteen, when he apprenticed under world- class master chefs. He went on to graduate with high honors from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. Overall, he has twenty-five years experience in restaurants and hotels. He has traveled extensively, and has a tremendous range of international and exotic dishes in his repertoire as well as the classics, plus an array of his own innovations.

He is also a certified fitness trainer; combining his extensive knowledge of nutrition with personalized exercise regimens, he custom-tailors programs for weight loss and optimal health according to the unique needs of each client. He has worked with dieticians and doctors to create custom recipes for specific health issues, such as heart disease and the special dietary needs of those undergoing chemotherapy. David taught several subjects while instructing at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, including sauce kitchen, nutrition, and cost control, while also running the school's "team building" cooking retreats for Silicon Valley executives.

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Dave's expansive understanding of food spans not only gourmet culinary techniques, but also farming, digestion and wellness.
    Some of Dave's services include:
  • Cooking, juicing and smoothie demonstrations
  • Chemotherapy and Cancer nutrition support programs
  • Corporate wellness seminars
  • Break room rehab
  • Speaking engagements
  • Video consultations
  • Restaurant consulting
  • Kids nutrition and team buildings for schools
  • Shopping tours
  • Hospital food support and consulting
  • Private Chef Services
  • Estate management services
  • Fitness training

Master Chef

Classically trained at Culinary Institute of America in New York, Wells is an expert at crafting meals.


Wells' ability to utilize his knowledge of food toward healing others makes him not just a chef but an extraordinary caregiver and healer.

Cancer Nutritionist

Having helped cure his mother of cancer, Wells has become an expert in the field.

Big Love

Whatever project Wells is on, he is sure to inject a healthy dose of love and enthusiasm that is felt in any room he walks in.

"David Wells operates in the sweet, and sparsely populated, spot between craft and intellect. To watch him work in the kitchen would be to observe someone moving with the calm grace of the seasoned professional, but to talk to him about the best supplement to offset a rare skin affliction is to observe a whole different skill set called into play. "

Gordon Drysdale Chef & Restaurateur


Here are some of the publications Wells has been featured in:

Robb Report, The Epi-Cure, David Wells

JULY, 2015 image

"Chef David Wells rides along the bluffs of Santa Cruz on his unicycle not because he has circus aspirations, but because it keeps him in tip-top shape. Wells, who is also a certified fitness trainer, has cooked for the late Steve Jobs, George Lucas, and other Silicon Valley magnates. "

Chef David Wells, Mercury News

MAY, 2012 image

"The former personal chef to both George Lucas and the late Steve Jobs, the San Francisco-born Wells also cooked for a number of luminaries in the food world as well as celebrities from professional sports and the music and film industries. "

Eating for Wellness, Good Times

JUNE, 2011 image

"Inside the remarkable—and healthy—world of local chef and nutritionist David Wells. "

Eating for Chemo, Let's Live Magazine

APRIL, 2005 image

"It wasn't until his mother, Ricki, was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer that Wells' culinary skills were truly put to the test. "